Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi - Figma #213 (Max Fact...Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi - Figma #213 (Max Factory)


Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi - Figma #213 (Max Factory)



GSC Online Shop pre-order bonus: di:stage rooftop base.



© Kodansha / Max Factory / Asai (APSY) Masaki / Isayama Hajime

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721 year agoburningrabbitburningrabbit
Don't put Levi's figma near Eren or else Mikasa will go berserk again.
426 months agoMoroMoro
Aaaaand the "omg someone take my preorder" cascade begins right on schedule...

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04 days agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥6,140)
Sold out everywhere else? Still available at Solaris Japan!
#2526706 // Sponsored by Solaris Jap...
01 month agobadalpalbadalpal
Selling my Eren and Levi Figmas! Both are unopened! PM for details!
01 month agoRyanHljRyanHlj
In stock @ HobbyLink Japan (¥4,571)
Product page => (ext link)
#2431893 // Sponsored by HobbyLink J...
01 month agowtjaewtjae
Selling mine, brand new, with GSC special base. For US only, $70 with free shipping, PM me if you interested. Thanks.
01 month ago (1 month ago)The_ErrantThe_Errant
If anyone is interested Im looking to sell my figmas eren, mikasa and levi.
All in like new condition, opened boxes (no damage)
open to offers

--figmas Eren and Levi 35usd ea + shipping

--figma Mikasa 32usd + shipping

If anyone is interested Im looking to sell my nendoroid Eren
35 usd + shipping (from the US)

I will ship internationally
02 months agoXKatanaXKatana
3,500 yen mandarake - (ext link)
02 months agoronnibun41ronnibun41
Amiami A/B 3,180JPY (ext link)
02 months ago (2 months ago)MoroMoro
vaporeon (2 months ago) #2375184what is the difference between the counterfeit and this one??
i bought mine yesterday at a convention and im worried mine is counterfeit :-(

There are some things to check for on the figure, but first, examine the box. Does it have a shiny Kodansha or a Funimation sticker? If so, it is legitimate.
02 months agoloaditdownloaditdown
Selling my Mikasa, Levi, and Eren, all unopened, have one GSC base. PM if interested
02 months agoheebjeebheebjeeb
clautjejoepie (2 months ago) #2376820Got a refund after spamming him a ton on any way of contact he had available, thank god it worked.
Though I hear he's now not answering anywhere anymore...
I wish all of you the best of luck and of course I can try my best to help out with any PayPal stuff if the big group complaint goes through.

I finally got a refund as well and also had to spam him everywhere to get his attention. I just hope it doesn't affect anyone else's chances of getting their figures or refunds down the line.

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