Zelda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takt - Link - Nendoro...Zelda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takt - Link - Nendoroid #413 (Good Smile Company)


Zelda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takt - Link - Nendoroid #413 (Good Smile Company)





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1018 months agoHikariDuskHikariDusk
This hobby... It kills.
604 months agojkbjkb
Just saw this on imgur,


don't it make you to want him more ? :)

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02 hours agoHisuiTakaranoHisuiTakarano
so glad he's coming out soon! i really need him for some photos i need for a project i'm doing ^___^
021 hours agoRogue-EagletRogue-Eaglet
Katto (5 days ago) #2405295Unless something goes horribly wrong at GSC, it's pretty much certain that it'll release on the 27th :)
I'd say it's definitely coming out, GSC charged me earlier today. Finally, was starting to think my little bro's birthday present was going to become a Christmas one lol.
01 day ago (1 day ago)TheySayMoopTheySayMoop
Giving up my amiami preorder pm me
01 day agoteashapedteashaped
autumnlucks (1 day ago) #2412345GET IT TEASHAPED!! IT'S BACK!
(ext link)

Yay! Thanks I got it this time.

Note for future: Don't leave pre-orders so late. Had this issue with the Aigis Parfom but she never came back in stock so had to get her from HLJ.
01 day agoRevienRevien
Giving up my PO at AmiAmi for anyone interested. AmiAmi's price (I'll cover shipping) + shipping from me to you. Drop me a PM if interested~
21 day agosongokousongokou
Needs a Linebeck nendo.
01 day agoautumnlucksautumnlucks
teashaped (1 day ago) #2411787Still showing closed for me. :( Probably missed it.


(ext link)
01 day agoElphabaElphaba
teashaped (1 day ago) #2411787Still showing closed for me. :( Probably missed it.

Ouch, yeah. :( Maybe try Figinstock to get e-mail alerts?
01 day agoteashapedteashaped
Elphaba (2 days ago) #2410311It's back. :)

Still showing closed for me. :( Probably missed it.
01 day agoFSLARFSLAR
mow123 (2 days ago) #2410291The delay may be a bit disappointing but this game came out so long ago got a re-release and caused this nendoroid so really it feels like I've been waiting ever since WW gc came out. Glad to hear the 27th tho. Honestly if this guy came out before SS figma link Iam not sure if I would of gotten figma link cause I never played SS cause I don't have a wii.SS is a solid game, but possibly the most controversial Zelda with some design choices. I'd still get the Figma though, it's a great looking piece and a good representation of an Adult/Older Link. We also don't know about the A Link Between Worlds Link coming out so there's that.

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