Psycho-Pass - Kougami Shinya - G.E.M. - 1/8 (Meg...Psycho-Pass - Kougami Shinya - G.E.M. - 1/8 (MegaHouse)


Psycho-Pass - Kougami Shinya - G.E.M. - 1/8 (MegaHouse)




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374 months agoMisaMisa27MisaMisa27
ronri (4 months ago) #2082106That awkward moment when Union Creative literally put out three prototype sculpts of the three main characters all at once, with photos of a painted prototype of Akane recently being posted around. Meanwhile at Megahouse...
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://static.dyp.im/DhTBk3wgEZ/dac197a1eaa33fbf207606c237a1f78d.gif
253 months ago (3 months ago)GradeGrade
The MegaHouse ended the fantasy. LOL
View spoilerHide spoilerFind the differences. :))
http://i63.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0601/87/c63e5626513dc401fd505cbe1bc99a87.png http://i63.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0601/cf/f0c1f38c54627ba285c90aee61807ecf.png

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015 days ago (15 days ago)ronrironri
I only noticed this just now, but one of the only things I don't like about the sculpt so far is how limp the arm looks while aiming the Dominator... =/
025 days agoTokitokiiTokitokii 飛べ!
Hope to see the colored prototype at C3 x hobby !
81 month agoriringoriringo
I see MegaHouse is going with the "pointlessly cool and/or sexy" route so they can cover for his complete lack of dynamism. YUP OK.
41 month ago (1 month ago)Atheist1Atheist1
Just realised that that Kougami smoking with his Dominator in (how do you phrase it) 'active' mode is quite stupid. Looking at the mag scan though, seems like the Dominator fits both hands. Thank goodness for that.

....or am I seeing it wrong? Dang!!
02 months ago (15 days ago)ronrironri
Looks pretty good so far with the alternate parts, even if the leg pose is a bit bland.
12 months agoBlitzAceBlitzAce
FigureDuchess (2 months ago) #2215456I don't know why but his hair looks a lot better in that magazine scan....I think because they're just showcasing the flattering angles in which his hair doesn't look as voluminous and poofy. Or we can be optimistic and hope that Megahouse changed his hair a bit. :P
02 months agoFigureDuchessFigureDuchess
I don't know why but his hair looks a lot better in that magazine scan....
32 months agokikabitezkikabitez
I don't like the Union version's hair and color from the start, and with the new pic showing him with alternative arm holding a dominator, definitely a YES for Megahouse!
Wish they would make Akane too ..
22 months agoAkiraAkira
BitterFox (3 months ago) #2176395This isn't as rough a prototype as people keep saying (especially when you look at better photos of it: (ext link) ), it looks pretty polished aside from the broken shin and non doodled on eyes. I'm still unsure which I like better though, this or unions.

Rough prototypes don't look so polished or near as clean as this one does lmao This one is ready to be painted.

Anyway, I prefer Union's. He looks better imo.
03 months agoSuperstickmanSuperstickman
Seems like a promising, figure. I particularly like the cigarette, however, I'll probably go with Union because of the more "dynamic' pose and because I have Akane to go with him.

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