Togainu no Chi - Akira - ES Series - 1/10 (Kotob...Togainu no Chi - Akira - ES Series - 1/10 (Kotobukiya)



Comes with drama CD



© Kotobukiya / Tatsumaki

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057 minutes agoPLAMOYAPLAMOYA
#17679145 // Sponsored by Plamoya (MF...
016 days agoSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Sekhmet (3 months ago) #15155244Decided to sell and get back what I paid for him (including shipping). sale #112606
03 months ago (3 months ago)SekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Decided to sell and get back what I paid for him (including shipping). sale #112606
07 months agoexoverdueexoverdue
Debating whether I should sell mine or not. My friend gave him to me (she said I could sell him if i want) but idk if i'll get a decent price since he is a bit damaged and has no box. Comes with the disc tho ;-;
09 months agodemy1990demy1990
Selling him in very good condition for €160
Pm me if you are interested.
01 year ago (1 year ago)Pudding-donoPudding-dono
Selling mine for 49 euros.
With his box and base.
Worldwide shipping.
PM me if you are interested or if you need pictures.
01 year agoassgardianassgardian
Selling him in US only. PM for pics and info! Shiki is also available!
01 year ago (1 year ago)SekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Got him for 1800jpy off Suru, slightly damaged box and figure was a little "sticky" but a little bit in the freezer and he already seems better^^ I hope >.>

Now the hunt for Shiki begins :D
01 year agoiced_wineiced_wine
amiami preowned A/C 3680jpy: [ext link ]
01 year ago (1 year ago)UltimateCircusUltimateCircus
Selling him for 50 € + shipping. He's in mint condition and comes with his box.

Also selling him with Shiki item #536 for 90 €

Pm me if you're interested :)


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