Devil May Cry - Dante Sparda (Yamato)Devil May Cry - Dante Sparda (Yamato)



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© Yamato / Tsuchibayashi Makoto

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01 year agoadrikynadrikyn
Selling for $18 flat sale #95000
02 years agoheewonieheewonie
I am selling mine. No box but I have all the accessories including sword, ebony, and ivory. It's in great condition. No paint wear out. I also have Trish with two guns. I have all the accessories. Message me if you are interested.
03 years ago (3 years ago)adrikynadrikyn
Got him off ebay via best offer for $27.20 after shipping and tax! He's boxless and missing his sword but he looks to be in good condition otherwise. The sword was on his back anyway so it's not a huge loss.


He's got some worn off paint on the edges of his coat (so it's lost the shading) and a spot of missing paint on his side (so it's white, and I might repaint that), but otherwise he looks pretty good for being 11 years old. Considering the only other price I see him at is $80+ I'll take it~
04 years agoShidoniShidoni
Agh, if anyone was willing to sell, I'd be willing to buy! D:
05 years ago (5 years ago)seraph_phoenixseraph_phoenix
Thinking about selling mine. In near mint condition, comes with both black and silver guns, as well as sword. No original packaging, as it was bought back in 03. Displayed and kept clean by an adult in a smoke-free home. $30 + Shipping, or best offer. PM for questions/shipping/pics.
06 years ago (4 years ago)sonishisonishi a.k.a Mr. Sparda
Got him. C:

Anybody selling him? :C
I would be also willing to trade! :)


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