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© Bandai / Toei Animation / Takeuchi Naoko

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09 months agoYuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
I'm selling this item customized. PM me for details.
01 year agoChrisiChrisi
selling individually or as a set Pm (more here (mfc link))
01 year agoNodanoshiNodanoshi
video review this item - [ext link ]
please subscribe!!!
02 years agoFuuchanFuuchan
I wonder what kind of inside detail people expected on a gashapon toy which is already perfect enough for its tiny price.

I'm tired of hearing people complain.... the yellow inside is out of place, the mirror is too small, the compartment is too small, nothing fits in there, the details should have been painted, I wish it had lights and sounds...

But I don't mean to be rude.
I'm happy enough that there is a detail design inside at all.
Also, yellow and pink ARE a color combination. A very good one too, very Sailor Moonish.
The secret compartment addition is a nice extra, and tiny items to put in there do surely exist.
02 years agoLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
I'm thinking of cancelling my order for this set knowing that Proplica or the MM series would eventually make every single one of them. Another reason to cancel is the uncolored insides despite how impressive the outside looks like.
02 years agoFuuchanFuuchan
Preorder your re-release on J-List [ext link ]
03 years agoElphabaElphaba
Back on jlist but they upped the price lol.

[ext link ]
03 years agostraywindstraywind
My order from J-List finally shipped. What an experience this has been. XD Looking forward to seeing the lockets in a few weeks. I'm thinking about displaying them together in a shadow box and hanging them on my wall. I'll have to see if I can make that idea work.
03 years agostraywindstraywind
nancinator (3 years ago) #2179687When did you order yours?
I ordered mines on Feb 22nd so they might be going in chronological order?
I hope you get your shipping confirmation soon!

Thanks! My order was on February 27th so I can see that I may have a while to wait. Appreciate the info to help calm my nerves about ordering from J-List. I honestly wouldn't be that stressed, but it's because I paid through Paypal back then. They have my money and I have no recourse if my order somehow doesn't get filled.
03 years agonancinatornancinator
straywind (3 years ago) #2178048I'm jealous since I'm still waiting for my shipping notice. :( Seems I've still been forgotten. Hopefully they'll ship my set in the next week or I guess I'll have to message them again.
Definitely won't be ordering from J-List again with the way this order has been going.

When did you order yours?
I ordered mines on Feb 22nd so they might be going in chronological order?

I hope you get your shipping confirmation soon!

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