Queen's Blade - Menace - 1/7 (AmiAmi Zero)Queen's Blade - Menace - 1/7 (AmiAmi Zero)


Queen's Blade - Menace - 1/7 (AmiAmi Zero)




© AmiAmi Zero / F.S / Osiris

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05 days agoTakasugiTakasugi
Amiami B/B 8,780 JPY (ext link)
05 months agoDefektionDefektion
Up on AmiAMi

(ext link)
09 months ago (5 months ago)RhythRhyth
Ordered from AmiAmi! Only a mere 12,480 JPY (Kinda ouch)
09 months agotwiiistytwiiisty
I LOVE Menace's everything. ( on this figure at least )
09 months agoPoyanyoPoyanyo
I LOVE Menace's face.
011 months agoClaudettoClaudetto
I really, really, really want her. :( Or, heck, the 2P version would be fine too.
01 year ago (1 year ago)KalissiahKalissiah Collecting since March ...
Ordered her yesterday on Mandarake Y12000 and just got the confirmation e-mail! So happy, she's one of my holy grails <3!

Edit: I got her and she's beautiful :D!
01 year agoOnikirimaruOnikirimaru
Dagnabbit! Now she shows up on Mandarake for 10K! (ext link)

Last time they had her, she was 12K...
01 year agoOnikirimaruOnikirimaru
Well, I just paid for her... she will be my most expensive figure...¥13,818 ($175.50)...
Got her from Jungle. They have another one for the same price, if you're as crazy as me :p
(ext link)
02 years agoMechaMarinMechaMarin
TaralenThe best Menace in my opinion. I agree! I think this would be lovely if it were 1/4!

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