Queen's Blade - Menace - 1/7 (AmiAmi Zero)Queen's Blade - Menace - 1/7 (AmiAmi Zero)



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© AmiAmi Zero / F.S / Osiris

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01 month agoMasonicMagusMasonicMagus
Selling mine, as well as other queen's blade stuff. PM
02 months agoPoyanyoPoyanyo
[ext link ] 9,000 at Manda
05 months agoSengokuGensuiSengokuGensui
Just got her and she's simply amazing! *goes to display case and drools*
Very detailed and that cast off... :P Just need to figure out how to put her scarf together.
011 months ago (2 months ago)KalissiahKalissiah Collecting since March ...
Selling her :) sale #79217
01 year ago (1 year ago)Ogek07Ogek07
Selling mine sale #74075
12 years agoAgastyaAgastya
Got her for 13k sealed from manda, best head sculpt close to F.S art, however fixing cloth accessories is a pain in the a**, seriously the worst attach system i ever seen, the blue cloth part don't even stand on his own and keep falling...
02 years agoDefektionDefektion
Up on AmiAMi

[ext link ]
03 years ago (2 years ago)RhythRhyth
Ordered from AmiAmi! Only a mere 12,480 JPY (Kinda ouch)
03 years agotwiiistytwiiisty
I LOVE Menace's everything. ( on this figure at least )
03 years agoPoyanyoPoyanyo
I LOVE Menace's face.

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