Queen's Blade - Menace - 1/7 (AmiAmi Zero)Queen's Blade - Menace - 1/7 (AmiAmi Zero)


Queen's Blade - Menace - 1/7 (AmiAmi Zero)





© AmiAmi Zero / F.S / Osiris

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110 months agoAgastyaAgastya
Got her for 13k sealed from manda, best head sculpt close to F.S art, however fixing cloth accessories is a pain in the a**, seriously the worst attach system i ever seen, the blue cloth part don't even stand on his own and keep falling...
01 year agoDefektionDefektion
Up on AmiAMi

(ext link)
01 year ago (1 year ago)RhythRhyth
Ordered from AmiAmi! Only a mere 12,480 JPY (Kinda ouch)
01 year agotwiiistytwiiisty
I LOVE Menace's everything. ( on this figure at least )
01 year agoPoyanyoPoyanyo
I LOVE Menace's face.
01 year agoClaudettoClaudetto
I really, really, really want her. :( Or, heck, the 2P version would be fine too.
02 years ago (2 years ago)KalissiahKalissiah Collecting since March ...
Ordered her yesterday on Mandarake Y12000 and just got the confirmation e-mail! So happy, she's one of my holy grails <3!

Edit: I got her and she's beautiful :D!
02 years agoOnikirimaruOnikirimaru
Dagnabbit! Now she shows up on Mandarake for 10K! (ext link)

Last time they had her, she was 12K...
02 years agoOnikirimaruOnikirimaru
Well, I just paid for her... she will be my most expensive figure...¥13,818 ($175.50)...
Got her from Jungle. They have another one for the same price, if you're as crazy as me :p
(ext link)
03 years agoMechaMarinMechaMarin
TaralenThe best Menace in my opinion. I agree! I think this would be lovely if it were 1/4!

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