Original Character - Black Hood Benoa (Embrace J...Original Character - Black Hood Benoa (Embrace Japan)





© Embrace Japan / OZ / Soushi Hirose

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03 days agoSelvariaSelvaria
Thankfully I decided to check this item's page before ordering it, no wonder it's kind of cheap nowadays.
012 days agoFree_PhiFree_Phi
Noblesse_Oblige (1 year ago) #3272238Just wondering, but is anyone else having an issue where the figure starts to lean back?

Fastest lean I've ever seen. Less than a year on display, and she leaned back to where she popped off her base pegs. I suspect it has to do with the black-pigmented lustrous plastic used for the glossy vinyl boots. (This same issue plagues the dark variant of the Megahouse Echidna from years back.) Now, Benoa's boxed away in hopes technology will advance to the point she will be eligible for a PVC transfusion...

After this I'm hesitant to buy any Embrace Japan pieces, which is a shame since their sculpts are peerless.
020 days agostormkoopacv03stormkoopacv03
Selling her with free shipping, US buyers only please.
12 months agoAnusAnus
Noblesse_Oblige (1 year ago) #3272238Just wondering, but is anyone else having an issue where the figure starts to lean back?

haha i left mine in my cupboard for ages without checking on it and it seems like her actual legs have started to bend backwards. Looks like bad design choice from embrace japan here.
I'd recommend anyone to redrill a long peg right through her legs otherwise this will happen eventually:
02 months agootakurepublicotakurepublic
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
[ext link ]
03 months agostormkoopacv03stormkoopacv03
Selling her brand new and sealed. Shipping US only, PM for more details. :) AmiAmi exclusive edition as well. Also have Sheriff Duram if you're interested.
05 months agoCerespamCerespam ~Soraname
A/B 8k on amiami [ext link ]
07 months agomisssi79misssi79
If anyone is selling her, please message me :)
01 year agoSoliloquySoliloquy Bang Bang
I really like her but she's out of my price range now lol
01 year agoLady-MegatronLady-Megatron
Synyster (1 year ago) #3345197Yep. Just noticed it myself. Honestly kind of surprised, she's not that heavy.

Thats true but the pegs on her feed are way too small and she's not perfectly standing on her base (bit too much backward). I thought about putting something under her heels to balance her out.

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