Zero no Tsukaima - Kirche Augusta Frederica von ...Zero no Tsukaima - Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst - Heroine Figure (Media Factory...



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    ¥1,000 convert into USD
Mail-order limited edition figure from the September-October issue of Monthly Comic Alive.



© Media Factory / Yamaguchi Noboru

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02 years agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I wonder why there is no prepainted figure of her. I mean she has a very nice body which would even sell well to those who dont know her
02 years ago (1 year ago)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
[ext link ]
1300 yen on suru

[ext link ]
900 yen on yahoo jp


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