Final Fantasy VIII - Rinoa Heartilly - Trading A...Final Fantasy VIII - Rinoa Heartilly - Trading Arts Mini - Vol. 1 (Square Enix)



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03 years agoAlevBlackAlevBlack
I'm selling this ^^ Feel free to contact me
06 years agoclytieclytie
Ohhhh, she's so cute. My favorite FF heroine. <3
08 years agoMona_samaMona_sama

What are you waiting for? Take a picture and warn potentional FF Mini Trading buyers!

I´ve got no clue how the fake-Rinoa looks like. I figured out how you can identify the original Yuna though.
08 years agoOsasakiOsasaki Homu Homu
Got a counterfeit of a legit shop >.>
They only seem to ever have conterfeits in trading figs =/
(rest is legit thankfully)


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