Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Saber - 1/6 - Maid Ver. (...Fate/Hollow Ataraxia - Saber - 1/6 - Maid Ver. (Clayz)



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© Clayz / Type Moon / Miyagawa Takeshi

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11 year agomemzymemzy
Any clue why they went with black when all the offical pics the outfits blue
05 years agoSztikeSztike
2100 JPY [ext link ]
05 years ago (5 years ago)ToriTori
stargazer713the first official pic calls her Seber

My box says "Seber", and it's legit. I don't know why but now there're pictures that say "Saber" too.
05 years agoOrniOrni
[ext link ] 3500 Yens :)
06 years agokk090200kk090200 Con going Anime lover!!...
This one is ok but the Alter version is much better IMHO!
06 years agostargazer713stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
the first official pic calls her Seber
07 years agoSergeantBooduceSergeantBooduce
Yeah, the blue is tons better. Black maid outfits = completely overdone...

Man, and I wanted this one, too. =_= Lame~
07 years agoLyakimLyakim
even though the picture should the maid costume as blue, the actual figure is black...
i liked the blue so much more...


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