Cu-Poche - Cu-Poche Extra - Emperor Penguin (Ko...Cu-Poche - Cu-Poche Extra - Emperor Penguin (Kotobukiya)




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110 months agoFigureGunplaFanFigureGunplaFan
Oh look, it's Dia!
011 months agoatimidtempestatimidtempest
Oh dang.........
11 year agoeinonymouseinonymous
I would start buying cupoche to use these :-)
22 years agoraetehytanraetehytan
Why yes, I will subscribe to photos for this entry. WAT
13 years agoChibiranChibiran
I never thought there'll be penguin figures but...I subscribed to this page. I showed it to my older sister and she was like "HOW CUTE. WHERE DO WE BUY IT?!"
So yeah, this penguin's cuteness is really powerful.
13 years agoMiiishaMiiisha Rock-'n-Roll✿Princess
That's TOO adorable <3
53 years agoJumblebelleJumblebelle
I never knew I needed this...but now it's all I want...
43 years agoiTiffanyiTiffany
Yoruno (3 years ago) #2125041...or Azumanga...

They really need to make a Chiyo Cu-poche now, if only for this reason. XD
13 years agoYorunoYoruno
Eanwulf (3 years ago) #2124916Reminds me of Dr. Slump
...or Azumanga...
03 years agoSmeySmey

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