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.hack//I.M.O.Q. - BlackRose - Lovable Collection....hack//I.M.O.Q. - BlackRose - Lovable Collection 2 (Yamato)



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04 years agoGlitchymooGlitchymoo
Found her used and she looks pretty good. My base is square instead of circular, though, lol. It's old so it was probably swapped at some point.
06 years agoAshli-chanAshli-chan
I was able to track down a used version of this figure. Kinda disappointed though since one of her boots are discolored. D:
08 years agoOsasakiOsasaki Homu Homu
4th Figure ever :3
This figure really capture the spirit of Black Rose, her sword is also awesome ^^

Wish they had made a Terajima Ryoko one thought....


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armour    boots    pink_hair    sword    tattoo 

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