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Six points of articulation and comes with a custom base and a wand.



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01 month agoPrincessKiwiPrincessKiwi
One of my first figures- I was about 11 or 12 and hadn't even seen Tenchi Muyo yet but saw her in the games store and thought she was the coolest. Ryo-Ohki is missing a foot and the sword is gone (I think my cat at the time tried to eat it), and I might not even have the base anymore but still have this figure!
01 year agoRevienRevien
Would anyone be interested in buying this figure? I found one the other day with a broken sword (and potentially missing Ryo-Ohki). I'll post some photos this coming Monday.
01 year agoYamamoto23Yamamoto23
I would sell her. (But I think one of the Whiskers of her pet is missing - I am not sure I have to check it because she is stored safe in a box)

Chuunibyou (1 year ago) #4827749If anyone is selling her, please, please PM me!~ ;;
UPDATE: Nvm, just found an ebay listing for her. :>
01 year ago (1 year ago)ChuunibyouChuunibyou
If anyone is selling her, please, please PM me!~ ;;

UPDATE: Nvm, just found an ebay listing for her. :>
12 years agoKallenkitKallenkit
I had this figure as a child, I don't know how I got it, I didn't even know what anime was.
But I remember her, I searched so long to find this on here because I didn't even know the series.
This is really awesome to see again.
02 years agoSheikUtenaFanelSheikUtenaFanel
Had to sadly remove this from my collection. :( her arms broke. Ryoohki is still around though. One of the first few figures I got. RIP
02 years ago (2 years ago)Yuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
I'm selling this figure. PM me for details.
34 years agogummigummi
i think this was the first figure i ever got? gosh, i must have been about 10 or 11? i surprisingly still have ryoko, though i played with her a lot when i was a kid. i've still got her base but she leans badly and is generally pretty unstable because i would take her out constantly to play with her. her sword is long gone. ryo-ohki is still in great condition though. ahh nostalgia~
24 years agoshizu_murasakishizu_murasaki
I just won her for 1 yen on Yahoo! Auctions. My mind is blown.
04 years agoLadyStarstormLadyStarstorm
I've got this, but the peg that held her on the stand broke, and I think Ryo-Ohki is missing. Hope I can score a cheap replacement like some of you have had luck finding it!

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