Petit Eva: Evangelion@School - Ayanami Rei (Banp...Petit Eva: Evangelion@School - Ayanami Rei (Banpresto)


Petit Eva: Evangelion@School - Ayanami Rei (Banpresto)




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11 year agoGuppyGuppy
I've always wanted this because I really enjoy super chibified little cuties and my friend ordered it for me as a christmas present and we had NO IDEA how BIG she was XD She's even cuter IRL though ; ;
01 year agonemophobianemophobia
Selling mine sale #22401
01 year agopuccapardinipuccapardini
I received mine today from Mandarake, and she's the cutest thing ever... and it's huge! ._.
01 year agoakatsukizakatsukiz
Theres one at mandarake for 800yen: (ext link)
01 year agoakatsukizakatsukiz
Just got her today and she is big!!!
01 year agobrandymallorybrandymallory
in an odd turn of events... Cruncyroll has her for $14. (ext link)
01 year agomolligesghostmolligesghost
she is so cute I want her so much ;A;
01 year agoPahsminaPahsmina
If anyone wants to sell her, please pm me!
02 years agoAnimeGurumaAnimeGuruma
Whoops, there's already an entry for this figure: item #22227
02 years agozulahadizulahadi
Just got this figure an hour ago, my first Rei's figure.
She's cute x3

I also take a photo of this figure, you may check it :D

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