Blassreiter - Amanda Werner - Creators' Labo - #...Blassreiter - Amanda Werner - Creators' Labo - #023 (Yamato)


Blassreiter - Amanda Werner - Creators' Labo - #023 (Yamato)





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015 days agoGTOunetGTOunet
Selling mine from France (Paris), open but like new, 99 €, mp me =)
01 month agoGrizzlyXGrizzlyX
Selling mine, it's brand new. The box has some window damage though, but it's still in good condition. Also selling most of my collection and almost everything is brand new, in case anyone is interested. Feel free to PM me.
02 months agobrunodecastrobrunodecastro
ssx95351 (2 months ago) #2524202My wife got her for me! Thanks for the link!! :)

Congrats !! Really love that figure !!
02 months agossx95351ssx95351
brunodecastro (3 months ago) #2478418go for her (ext link)
12,300 JPY

My wife got her for me! Thanks for the link!! :)
03 months ago (3 months ago)brunodecastrobrunodecastro
go for her (ext link)
12,300 JPY
07 months ago (3 months ago)R600ccR600cc
Takasugi (7 months ago) #2255340B/C 10,080 JPY (ext link)

which one of you bastards stole her from me......jk or maybe not....but srs this is the only figure I need to finish my collection and she is gone /sigh I hate you.
Edit: Still looking, c'mon let me finish my blassreiter collection. ; ;

Edit(2): After about a year of looking for her, I finally got her and sealed too.
I will never do another full collection of anything, too hard to find everything and quite expensive.
07 months agoTakasugiTakasugi
B/C 10,080 JPY (ext link)
01 year agodeja_vudeja_vu
mandarake: Y13,000
(ext link)
01 year agogumonshoegumonshoe
Gitaroo (1 year ago) #1612805same, would have think twice though for that price

true, esp after shipping gets tacked on. seems she is getting harder to find though, so i am starting to feel inclined to pay that much. =X
01 year agoGitarooGitaroo
gumonshoe (1 year ago) #1612704someone just snagged her on mandarake for 12k
not sure how i missed that

same, would have think twice though for that price

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