Original Character - Ooyamaneko Mimi (R.GLATT-CC...Original Character - Ooyamaneko Mimi (R.GLATT-CC)


Original Character - Ooyamaneko Mimi (R.GLATT-CC)



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    Wonder Festival 2...



© R.GLATT-CC / Isumi Kouji

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Comments (6)

03 years agoZawaZawa
She's awesome! I wish someone would PVC this.
04 years agoWannabeWannabe
She's so awesome and I glad that I've got her :3
Realtive cheap, rich in detail and awesome ^^
Indescribable pretty, I love her (^.^)
04 years agoYourtimeYourtime
whoa quite AWESOME
15 years agokawekawe
Does she have an official name?

R.Glatt-CC calls her Lynx-Girl as far as I know, but a cospalyer who made an outfit based on this design calle dit Schrödinger's cat. (both are betet rnames than E's XD)
05 years ago (4 years ago)AquaAqua
This GK is so beautiful, I really love the design. It took me a while til I found her on TB cause I was searching her under the name Wildcat Girl that e2046.com decided to use.
Does she have an official name?
05 years agoCatherineCatherine
Almost finished on this one !


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