Original Character - Ooyamaneko Mimi (R.GLATT-CC...Original Character - Ooyamaneko Mimi (R.GLATT-CC)



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© R.GLATT-CC / Isumi Kouji

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04 years agoZawaZawa
She's awesome! I wish someone would PVC this.
05 years agoWannabeWannabe
She's so awesome and I glad that I've got her :3
Realtive cheap, rich in detail and awesome ^^
Indescribable pretty, I love her (^.^)
06 years agoYourtimeYourtime
whoa quite AWESOME
16 years agokawekawe
Does she have an official name?

R.Glatt-CC calls her Lynx-Girl as far as I know, but a cospalyer who made an outfit based on this design calle dit Schrödinger's cat. (both are betet rnames than E's XD)
06 years agoAquaAqua
This GK is so beautiful, I really love the design. It took me a while til I found her on TB cause I was searching her under the name Wildcat Girl that ... decided to use.
Does she have an official name?
07 years agoCatherineCatherine
Almost finished on this one !


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