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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Solid Snake - Figma #243 (Max Factory)

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GSC Online Shop pre-order bonuses: Handgun and figma Cardboard Box.

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Oh gods, he's priced like a scale. But that ass...

3 years ago
That butt and thigh combo is definitely Kojima-approved.
3 years ago
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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥13,000)

Pre Owned for ¥13,000
└ Check product page for item condition.
I'm selling this figure (brand new). Check this link: SALE #132999
2 months ago
Figma should make a 2.0 ver of this guy with his face fixed, or just sell an improved face separatly
4 months ago
Available on GoodsRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
5 months ago

I was able to purchase the figma with the Good Smile Online Shop bonuses on eBay. It took me about a month of infrequent searching on eBay. My advice to anyone who's trying to obtain figmas with bonuses is to be patient, search the figure name (for example, "Snake figma") on eBay at least once a week and check out Jungle's new figmas in stock every once in a while (I obtained Izuku Midoriya with his bonus mask head that way).
5 months ago
Finally got him WITH his pre-order bonus, took some damn long time(many months) to find someone selling him with it(due to it's rarity), cost me a lot as well but worth it. I will never forgive GSC for not including his hand gun which is a item HE IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE IN-GAME. Instead making me suffer through all that searching and pain for A ITEM NECESSARY TO PROGRESS THROUGH THE GAME. In all honesty and respect, why would you make something which is so essential and important to a character and instead make it a pre-order like it's something forgettable never worth mentioning completely. Unless that is, one would be prone to pre-determined mental decay, degenerative cognitive processing, moralistic behavioural disorder, compulsive obsession over separation, paranoia, object sexuality over certain oblong objects and other general defects.

So now that im done with my flaming, i would gladly like to see a figma of Raiden in production soon if possible since he is equally important as Snake in the game. They better include a naked body, because it's important to hide your snake in order to progress through the game.
5 months ago
Sciroppo (1 year ago) #13811210I've the opposite opinion, I have enough of BB, and I hope to see more Solid Snake figures... there aren't much figures of him, and for me is sooo much better than BB, probably the best character of the entire saga (for me).
Anyway, Konami was already dead way before the releases of the latest merchandises... but the nendoroids, figmas and Gecco statues are pretty recent, and some MGS figures are still coming... so I'm quite sure that someone will make more figures in the future, so maybe also a figma of Big Boss
Agreed honestly, in fact, how many Solid Snake figures are there out there? Let's be generous and include McFarlane, so we have McFarlane MGS1 Snake, MGS2 Snake, then Medicom did static pose MGS2 Snake and Old Snake, now, if we're NOT being generous, we have an old RAH of Old Snake, a Solid Snake Nendoroid, a long sold out PAK Solid Snake and this... and... that's it. Big Boss? Oh boy, Ground Zeroes play arts kai, a Gecco statue, Hot Toys, all of the peace walker PAK's and the multiple variants (I'm gonna say there may have been three? it's probably more), a peace walker and ground zeroes revoltech, and a couple of old RAH's too, and that's not even including Venom Snake. I'd say it's about time Solid got some love :)
11 months ago
11 months ago
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