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542 years agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
KatoKoko (2 years ago) #2397757Please ALter! PLEASE! MAKE HIM LIFT SOME WEIGHTS! He can still make it lol!

Well its Alter so he has till 2017 to be bigger...
352 years ago (2 years ago)Rin_AsanoRin_Asano
Simply Alter needs to:

1st: change the origin..
They can't write FSN UBW, cause it's the new animated serie (or am I wrong? XD sorry I'm not so "type-moon" fan).
In first event it was written only Fate stay night.
Of course they added UBW for the new serie.
If they'll change it, maybe the new fans can understand that he can't be with the new design (like the figma for example) and stop all these comments.

2nd: Of course it's not like the anime, we can see it, but.. He's still not so Takeuchi..
as usual Alter puts more designs together and this is the problem. They must choose to go with original art or with anime ver.
Well, Alter is my fav company, but I notice this problem in some figures, and usually the sculptor adds too much his "touch" in face's design (for example Inagaki Hiroshi with Menma).

This Archer is still awesome, really really awesome, I'm in love with colors, and maybe I'll purchase him cause I wanna display with a Rin 1/8 (please someone make a new one XD ), but only for this.
Alter is burning a great chance, I think everyone can see it, but I think a lot of us will proceed with the order only for the love for the character/serie and maybe we can't be happy at 100% but maybe at 70% :P

Sorry, it's only my opinion (and sorry for my english too XD )

He's a male, c'mon! I wanna a man, not a feminine boy... damned yaoist girls XD with all these Free, DRRR renewal and Uta no prince and Tennis and arghhhh xD

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018 hours agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥28,183)

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019 hours agoNinomaNinoma
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03 days agojiminvijiminvi
selling pm for details! Shipping from Canada
020 days agoPlatoGPlatoG
Finally owned him!
Only complain is his size but 1/8 makes him looked perfect besides item #78585

Hopefully a 1/8 Rin and gilgamesh from alter, so i can complete my fate's collection
023 days ago (13 days ago)AkibaSoul_MartinAkibaSoul_Martin
He found a new home!
#21694573 // Sponsored by Akiba Soul
02 months agoenjoime_CBenjoime_CB
Amiami booooiis!#Preach
23 months agoHunnykipsHunnykips
I just got him today and he is actually way bigger than I thought! He looks so awesome!! I've been wanting this figure for some time and after waiting patiently finally got him for a reasonable price brand new :D
03 months agoastraachlysastraachlys
Josine (3 months ago) #18993602Seamlines everywhere, overall much poorer quality.
Just look at all those seamlines: picture #1555590

Thank you! I was looking at the counterfeit gallery and couldn't tell what to look for. I'll check the figure I have, but after doing some research I think it's authentic, but it's good to double check ;)
03 months agoJosineJosine
astraachlys (3 months ago) #18989190How can you tell a bootleg version from a real version? I got one for my husband and want to make sure it's real.
Seamlines everywhere, overall much poorer quality.
Just look at all those seamlines: picture #1555590

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