Trinity Seven: 7 Nin no Mahoutsukai - Azami Lili...Trinity Seven: 7 Nin no Mahoutsukai - Azami Lilith - 1/7 (PLUM)





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21 year agorjvg92rjvg92
It has been a year and still no updates. A big fan of the anime so I will really wait for this figure no matter how long it takes...
01 year agokrunt0xenkrunt0xen
Is there any hope this will ever actually happen?
02 years agoShadowstepShadowstep
Not that Lilith is bad, I would rather see some Liese figures. :p
12 years agoZeroneruZeroneru
Is this coming, or? Its been 9 months since the last update... Just askin....
23 years agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
I'm more interested in the Azaml bikini shot to the right. xD


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