Shin Seiki Evangelion - Souryuu Asuka Langley - ...Shin Seiki Evangelion - Souryuu Asuka Langley - Extra White & Red (Bianco e Colore Rosso) (SE...



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02 years agoPenaUrkuriPenaUrkuri
anyone know in what name do i fiend Rei version of this? tried but no results, since i have both i like to ad them :(
06 years agosimakaisimakai
I bought version 1.5, part of the dress is transparent (very pretty btw)... I don't know if it's the same with Rei tho, as I got the first version of her. Maybe version 1.5 needs a new entry, since it's a bit different?
07 years agosadangel92sadangel92
07 years agoSinger_YunaSinger_Yuna All along the Watchtowe...
Acording Rui-chan, (mfc link) the 09/2010 figure is the ver 1.5 of this Asuka.
07 years agoBunnyChanBunnyChan
re-release 09/2010


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