Pocket Monsters - Ho-oh (Kaiyodo)Pocket Monsters - Ho-oh (Kaiyodo)


Pocket Monsters - Ho-oh (Kaiyodo)



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Comes with Pokemon HeartGold when preordered



© Kaiyodo / Kagawa Masahiko

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03 months agoPaulichuPaulichu Sailor Senshi of Wisdom
Selling. I pre-ordered Soul Sliver and they gave me the wrong figure because they ran out =/ I don't particularly collect Pokemon.

As long as the comment is here unedited I haven't sold him. Please message for purchase.
02 years agoHime87Hime87
Really nice for such a small figure. :)
03 years ago (10 months ago)brandymallorybrandymallory
I'm selling mine! PM for details or check my shop! (still selling btw, March 2015)
03 years agoOphexisOphexis
I feel pretty lucky cause I didn't even pre-order the game, but my EB Games still had some so I got it! <3 He looks really great for such a small figure.
03 years agoTrinityLimit13TrinityLimit13
I got lucky with this one. I bought SoulSilver, so I actually got the Lugia figure. But my friend who bought HeartGold gave me his Ho-oh so I could have both figures. :) I'm glad he did.
04 years agoxanxasxanxas
anyone selling this i need to have all 4
04 years agoBlitzyBlitzy
Anyone who has this one on sale?
05 years agozszoroarkzszoroark
ho oh has his ass on fire XP
05 years agofrostgibbonfrostgibbon
lol kaiyodo made it and yeah it does have nice quality
05 years agoMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
I think this has great quality for being such a tiny figure!


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