Pocket Monsters SoulSilver - Lugia (Kaiyodo)Pocket Monsters SoulSilver - Lugia (Kaiyodo)



  • Exclusive
Comes with Pokemon SoulSilver when preordered.



© Kaiyodo / Kagawa Masahiko

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02 months agothorkastthorkast
La vendo en perfecto estado (españa)
03 years agomintbunnymintbunny The Geeky Bunny
A bit smaller than I thought, but still badass!
03 years agoBloosicaBloosica
I have had this figure since release day, but have yet to open him. Just waiting for the right spot. One day.
03 years agoShotaQueenShotaQueen
I had this figure, but then his color darkened over time and now he's a pretty gross looking grey. :/
03 years agoPwinsuPwinsu
i think i lost it in a dusty place :c
04 years agoskitty-sanskitty-san
Is it weird the I have 90$ figures but this is one of my favourites? It just... looks so good in light. The water is just gorgeous.
04 years agoHanekoHaneko
shinytentacool (5 years ago) #766395I got them both and I didn't even buy the game!
05 years agorivalappearsrivalappears
selling with Arceus, PM if you're interested.
05 years agoshinytentacoolshinytentacool
I got them both and I didn't even buy the game!
05 years agotheglitchytheglitchy
Funny, the same thing happened to me. I guess they didn't produce enough Lugia figures for some reason...

killedthekatI preordered the game to get the figure, but when I got there they'd already ran out. :(

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