Black ★ Rock Shooter - 1/8 - Anime Ver. (Good Sm...Black ★ Rock Shooter - 1/8 - Anime Ver. (Good Smile Company)


Black ★ Rock Shooter - 1/8 - Anime Ver. (Good Smile Company)



pre-order 27/05/2010

Due to a production error, the star on the front of her jacket is missing from the final model. However, GSC has included model stickers in each box for manual replacement.



© Good Smile Company / Huke / Kawanishi Ken

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022 hours agokingofquackzkingofquackz
Unfortunately, mine (got it new) didn't come with the star sticker :[.
It's definitely not a bootleg. I did buy it from another user though, so maybe during transport somewhere, the sticker fell out of the box.
01 month agovietsamuraivietsamurai
Selling mine in good condition for $85 plus shipping, located in california usa. If interest please pm me, thanks
11 month agothanglongthanglong
riringo (3 months ago) #2180195To everyone who's thinking of buying her I highly recommend using EMS shipping for the extra packing. Not only are her twin tails without any kind of support, there's almost no safety gap between her box window and the "blister" parts of her blister pack. And with the way she's oriented head-first in the box, any impact on the front of the box will basically hit her right on the head.
I guess GSC really wanted to save space or something, but it's definitely a design flaw.

Thanks for the information, I was wondering what to choose and finaly went with EMS after seeing your comment. Just received her today, with no broken parts. happy ^^
now go mail GSC to have the star stickers.
01 month ago (1 month ago)iddi0ttiddi0tt
Selling a non-broken excellent condition one for $75. Located in California, PM if interested.

01 month ago (1 month ago)mezitcheeseitmezitcheeseit
AmiAmi ¥6480 A-/B (ext link)
I haven't really touched my BRS figure at all but when I went back home from school, it seems one that the white cube that connects to the black cube kinda broke. The plastic part is stuck within the gap just broke off by itself. Anyone else have this problem?
02 months agoMasakiiMasakii WHALE SHARK'IN
Selling mine great condition with box for 90€+ shipping, i will prefer French buyer but if you are willing to pay the price for shipping i don't mind.
12 months agosandstone747sandstone747
Received her broken, even though she is my waifu, and the anime is better than the OVA in my opinion, it's time to send her back and get a refund. I'll just take Dead master to go with my Original BRs instead.
03 months ago (3 months ago)lelouch1013lelouch1013 Mr, Coffee
looking for a quick sale shes 120 free shipping now with pics check ad tnx
03 months ago (3 months ago)CrowMaidenCrowMaiden
6000 yen for opened with box damage on Manda ( I don't think there is other damage): (ext link)

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