Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st - Fate...Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st - Fate Testarossa - Nendoroid Plus - 011 (Gift)



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04 years agodarkfaderdarkfader
I ordered via Amazon, which totalled to 50,63 Eur. (import fees deposit included)
Also considering to get Yami plush :)
06 years agoSeasonreaperSeasonreaper
Ordered her for £43 in the end, plus shipping. Expensive but I needed someone to go with my Nanoha :|.
06 years agoSeasonreaperSeasonreaper
:( Want but can't find for an affordable price.
07 years ago (7 years ago)0_o0_o
4/28: Released. Still available at HLJ [ext link ]
07 years agoTenmaTenma The Idolm@ster
Back up for pre order on Amiami
07 years agoSyaoranSyaoran
07 years agoIsherIsher
Yay for Otacute. [ext link ]
07 years agoFychanFychan
Actually, it is easy to differentiate.
Gift's plushies always have "T_T" eyes. Nendo Plus plushies always have Nendo-like eyes.
So yeah, Nendo Plus =)

(although looking back now, Flonne is an exception. But her eyes still aren't Nendo-like)
07 years agoslakkingslakking
I think it is going to be nendoroid plus plush. I see them on gift website as number 11 and Nanoha is 10.
07 years agoKouryuKouryu
Hard to do the difference !
That's why I don't like the Nendoroid plushies.

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