Final Fantasy VIII - Diabolos - Zell Dincht - Ir...Final Fantasy VIII - Diabolos - Zell Dincht - Irvine Kinneas (Kotobukiya)



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01 year agodarkrosedarkrose
[ext link ]

Not mine but in case some of you are still looking for this and have money to burn
13 years ago (2 years ago)vinnnievinnnie
Beware of scammer on ebay! Scammer's name on ebay: marti.hofma

Sold me (outside ebay) this statue and the Quistis/Selphie/Leviathan one but never send them, took my money and tried to run (no respond to my emails, no tracking etc. after I paid up!!!! Tried to trick me into paying via paypal wihtout protection at first (had a hard time to get it back!).


Edit: the scammer changed the ebay ID from marti.hofma to plueschkatzen ([ext link ])
Edit 2: the scammer changed the ebay ID to 2014_farnz ([ext link ])
03 years agovinnnievinnnie
There's one on auction at Ebay.US: [ext link ]

Damaged and the seller will only ship within the US though.
03 years agoCrazyRevyCrazyRevy
will pay insane for this.
05 years agoZorgenZorgen
If anyone selling - pm me please!)
05 years ago (5 years ago)XephrosXephros
Looking for this if anyone is willing to sell.

EDIT Got one, very beautiful piece.
06 years agoSchuldigSchuldig
Need, oh god I need this
06 years agostargazer713stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
07 years ago (7 years ago)DekaShunDekaShun
This the 1st Character/Summon Combo i had laid my eyes on...!!
Funny though, I still don;t have it yet...! LoL


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