Vocaloid - IA - 1/8 - Ver.1.5 (Aquamarine, Good ...Vocaloid - IA - 1/8 - Ver.1.5 (Aquamarine, Good Smile Company)



Improvements made to the first version:

- changed skin texture
- gradient of the eyes and other areas



© 1st PLACE Co.Ltd / Aquamarine / Good Smile Company / Akasaka Aka / Umiyama Hiroshi

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#19243628 // Sponsored by Plamoya (MF...
04 days agoNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma (¥19,861)
direct link to the item - > [ext link ]
Shipped from Japan
Worldwide shipping
Official brand new item
#19150896 // Sponsored by Ninoma
01 month ago (1 month ago)otaku4lifeotaku4life
Selling her. She's in perfect condition, just missing the pegs for her hair. Price can be negotiable. sale #118600 SOLD.
01 month agoBlobBlob
Is anyone selling their's? Would prefer to have the box in almost mint condition, but also fine to have some noticeable creases.
04 months ago (2 months ago)acrwbyacrwby
acrwby (5 months ago) #15611100Selling sale #113986 Thanks for checking!

Available again! 125 AUD
04 months ago (4 months ago)maxitaxilolzmaxitaxilolz
Selling: sale #114860
Please check it out :)
05 months ago (4 months ago)acrwbyacrwby
Selling sale #113986 Thanks for checking!
06 months ago (6 months ago)kittymckkittymck
Selling a new one from the UK, willing to ship within the EU. Send me a PM if you're interested, cheers!
07 months agoEnvattaEnvatta
Selling mine displayed, but in mint condition with free postage within the UK. International is a little extra. Please PM me for photos and details. Thank you for reading. :)
07 months ago (5 months ago)omgusosillyomgusosilly
I have one in my collection brand new never opened that I no longer want, but I'm really hesitant on shipping. Anyone in the bay area, CA interested for local pickup? :|

Update. It somehow acquired a crease in the box. Ugh.

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