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592 years agoSuperfluousSuperfluous
I hope FuRyu makes as many Sakuras in different outfits as they've been making Sonicos.

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04 months agoChrisiChrisi
still availableChrisi (7 months ago) #16762940selling PM if interested
04 months agoiHartLaRooiHartLaRoo
Selling her plus these two for $20 USD each. Need more space!
item #289068
item #314677
07 months agoChrisiChrisi
selling PM if interested
09 months agoAvolionAvolion
Hmm thinking of buying a non-prize scale of her to display in place of this one. Does anyone know a good quality scale figure of her that doesn't take too much space and isn't a prize?
011 months agoAnimeGirl1350AnimeGirl1350
nakochi (1 year ago) #8041160Selling!
edit 6/3/16
Still available! $15 + shipping

do it have any mark on the figure??? and do it come with a box??
01 year ago (1 year ago)nakochinakochi

edit 6/3/16
Still available! $15 + shipping
01 year agoLehstLehst
My sister-in-law is on break from school in Japan (exchange student) and surprised us with this figure!
Well it was for her brother but... isn't it obvious I probably like CCS more? XDD he also got some Love Live gashapon :3
01 year agocarbatoniccarbatonic
Just picked this up for $8 shipped. I was on the fence about these prize figures, but can't complain at that price
01 year ago (11 months ago)carrycarry
selling for 15$ plus shipping pm if interested.

11 year agoSnatcher2047Snatcher2047
Not one of my favorites of Sakura's costumes, but a cute and well done figure otherwise. I hope to see more of this series featuring some of her better costumes.

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