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To Heart - HMX-12 Multi - 1/8 - Body Suit Ver. (...To Heart - HMX-12 Multi - 1/8 - Body Suit Ver. (Kotobukiya)



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© Kotobukiya / Tokunaga Hironori

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03 years agoscabbotscabbot
Based on some of the user photos, it looks like I'm not the only one who has a leg problem: her left hand projects below the plane of her legs, so the left one levitates at a slight angle. Also, the base is about the cheapest thing you can imagine. Disappointing.
04 years agosweetReapersweetReaper
I am looking for the a spare of the yellow cable that goes on the left (on the right if looking from the back). If anybody has her who is willing to part with that piece or with her for a good price PM me please. My poor HMX has been missing hers for quite some time and I would love to make her complete again. Thanks! :)
05 years agoheartless-bowserheartless-bowser
I'm selling one new and sealed in box. Contact me if you're interested. :)


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