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Omamori Himari - Himari - 1/8 - Neko Version (Ch...Omamori Himari - Himari - 1/8 - Neko Version (Chara-Ani)




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02 months ago (2 months ago)234h432234h432
NavyBlue (2 months ago) #7875003Is it new with sealed box?

I have no idea. I bought it because I saw it in Akiba. Its most likely used especially at the price. But its still got the plastic wrap inside from what I can see.
02 months agoNavyBlueNavyBlue
234h432 (4 months ago) #5981656Selling one for 90 USD.

Is it new with sealed box?
03 months ago (1 month ago)baldr365baldr365
Selling for $80 shipped within USA. Opened but mint. Please PM if interested. Thanks.
04 months ago234h432234h432
Selling one for 90 USD.
06 months ago (4 months ago)MiyabiReiMiyabiRei
selling for 85 usd

Edit: Sold
01 year agoYuriko-nekoYuriko-neko
I'm selling this figure PM me for details.
01 year agoTakasugiTakasugi
B/B 5,180 JPY [ext link ]
01 year agomichealcellmichealcell
Selling (B+/A) $70: sale #63309
11 year ago (1 year ago)mrasiris23mrasiris23
i just ordered her from ebay but it was really the last thing i wanted to do but i wanted her soo bad but soo pricey!!!! 280$can XD heres the seller's profile [ext link ]
02 years agoMiyabiReiMiyabiRei
if anyones selling for a reasonable price please message me

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