Gekijouban Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works...Gekijouban Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - Tohsaka Rin - 1/7 (Good Smile Company)


Gekijouban Fate/stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - Tohsaka Rin - 1/7 (Good Smile Company)





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31 day agoneLneL irl magical girl
With the new Unlimited Blade Works anime, I'd honestly prefer a new Rin ^^;;
03 days agoMelKeigoMelKeigo
Zz-ARIA-zZ (7 days ago) #2402698Hope for a re-lease!

Me too (;;)
37 days agoZz-ARIA-zZZz-ARIA-zZ
Hope for a re-lease!
07 days agomadcowniveanmadcownivean
Selling mine for US$150 before shipping. 1st edition MISB.

PM me if interested. No reservations.
Ships from Malaysia via RSAL unless buyer request otherwise.
09 days agojohnkevinbjohnkevinb
There is a possibility of a re-release because of the Anime sequel Unlimited Blade Works :D
012 days agoMoroMoro
A new Rin scale for the UBW anime would be great. I like this one but I like the new Fate art style a little better.
012 days agoDemitriaDemitria
No re-release?

Let's hope in a new figure! I really want a new epic figure of Rin!
015 days agoHelyeonHelyeon
Is anybody selling her? I was hoping to find someone in the US willing to sell her at a relatively reasonable price point.
315 days agomikki-malumikki-malu
This answer means nothing. I got the same reply when I sent a re-release request for Menma nendo and re-release was announced in a day or so. They won't tell you 'We sure re-release her' until there's an official announcement :)
015 days ago (15 days ago)RRSXRRSX
Altayrl (16 days ago) #2388434WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!!! Excuse me, I'll go cry in a corner. T_T
Well, I also received a reply from GSC and to me it doesn't sound like they are definitely discarding the possibility of a rerelease, but yeah, it seems it won't happen anytime soon.

Here's their reply:
Hello. Thank you very much for contacting us.
Unfortunately, we don't have any rerelease information of Scale Figure, Rin Tohsaka -UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS-(and "Saber Alter ~Vortigern~") at this point.
However, we appreciate your input and will consider your request. Thank you.

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