Black Lagoon - Revy - 1/8 (Alter)Black Lagoon - Revy - 1/8 (Alter)




Comes with two heads.



© Alter / Takahashi Tsuyoshi

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06 days agoGhost1082Ghost1082
PLAMOYA (7 days ago) #10232318In stock @ Plamoya (MFC Translator to JPN)

$455 is an INSANE price.
07 days ago (7 days ago)jimmygeeehjimmygeeeh
if anyone is selling this Revy figure for a fair price, PM me. im very interested in this figure
02 months agoTheMaulerTheMauler
:O that price, Plamoya has it for lol. I wish I was rich :(
32 months ago (2 months ago)YogiotakuYogiotaku
Alter, how about a revy renewal please? :)
02 months ago (1 month ago)DaryaVoDaryaVo
Selling mine, open but like new, 200$ sale #95381 Sold!
04 months agoDedzenDedzen
I can sell this figure.
Opened, but condition ideal.
Second head and both guns in complect.
Box in complect too.
06 months ago (5 months ago)shadowdracon1shadowdracon1
I am willing to sell my Revy. Please PM me with an offer! I can provide pictures if you want. I have the box and both heads. She has been displayed in a detolf.. Sold!
06 months agoChirikkuChirikku
There is no figure I want mare than this one, I'm staring to get desperate! Please PM me if you are selling this figure!!
06 months ago (5 months ago)meganesmeganes
if you're selling this please PM me!! thanks!

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