Bakemonogatari - Senjougahara Hitagi - 1/8 (Good...Bakemonogatari - Senjougahara Hitagi - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)


Bakemonogatari - Senjougahara Hitagi - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)





© Aniplex / Good Smile Company / Kodansha / Shaft / Kawahara Takayuki / Nishio Ishin / Tokunaga Hironori ...

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02 days agoyippymodelyippymodel
Selling her >>> Link
Ship worldwide. Need more pics or info. Feel free to message me.
22 days agoRephernRephern
nathan1575 (4 days ago) #2467747Only used for display.

Is there any other use?
03 days agoaigisaigis phd in tsundere studies
bambipie (3 days ago) #2470385Would you see her broken for a discount?
i actually have my broken one set up in the alternate pose and am using the broken stationary to decorate my second one; i have no intention of getting rid of her :b
03 days agobambipiebambipie
aigis (4 months ago) #2231908welp looks like i have to get another hitagi. the right side of the stationary (with the orange scissors) has been broken way too many times to fix, and every time i try to something else just snaps off.
i really hope that if gsc rereleases her they figure out a way to engineer her better.

Would you see her broken for a discount?
04 days agobreezerbreebreezerbree
Sincerely hoping for a re-release....
04 days agonathan1575nathan1575
I have one for sale. Opened but in perfect condition. Only used for display. PM for details.
09 days agoSouLSouL
If anyone is selling Good condition / New in U.S. or Can & can provide pics Please PM me!
010 days agoExpeditedExpedited
Hey everyone! I'm looking for one of these figures to start off my collection. Let me know if you have one for sale. Price is relevant for me; I know I'm aiming pretty high for my first figure but I still don't want to break the bank too hard.

Shoot me a PM and we'll go from there! I would prefer buying within the US :)
012 days agospecialcucumberspecialcucumber
She keeps so many things in her panties lol
015 days ago (9 days ago)SouLSouL
Anyone think she'll get a re-release?

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