Fate/Stay Night - Archer - Figma #223 (Max Facto...Fate/Stay Night - Archer - Figma #223 (Max Factory)


Fate/Stay Night - Archer - Figma #223 (Max Factory)





© Max Factory / Type Moon / Asai (APSY) Masaki

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1731 year ago (1 year ago)GaoGaiGarGaoGaiGar
I am the collector of my figures.
ABS is my body and melted plastic is my blood.
I have bought over sixty figmas.
Unknown to rising prices, nor known to lack of space
I withstood years of waiting to get figma Archer,
yet those hands will finally hold this figure.
So as I pre-order, unlimited figma works.

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020 hours agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥15,814)

Brand New for ¥15,814
└ At our shop you are always a ★
Pre Owned for ¥13,620
└ Check product page for item condition.
#6447569 // Sponsored by Solaris Jap...
04 days agoAranciaArancia
Selling mine. Used but like new :)
08 days agoSuppi12Suppi12
Might be selling mine in the UK,opened but like new and I have not displayed mine.
Pm me if your interested, can take photos and open to offers.
09 days ago (8 days ago)silentwinter91silentwinter91
Selling for 130 sgd Brand new and sealed, international shipping 30 usd. Prefer singaporean buyers.
01 month agoGhostFireGhostFire
Bleh, opened him today and he was really good. That is, until I noticed he had two closed right fists instead of one closed and one open to hold things >.> SO I have contacted the seller on Amazon and hope they help me as I know GSC won't due to it being a third-party seller.
01 month ago (1 month ago)HalcioneHalcione
Mine arrived yesterday. I gotta say, best resell I've ever seen, it's practically like I preordered it, fantastic condition. It's bloody marvelous *_*

Gotta say though, that bow is a massive pain in the tush to put on. I don't think I'm ever going to take it off now. Only thing I'm sad about is that he doesn't come with any reasonably sized arrows. Trying to put him in a shooting like pose with caladbolg is somewhat cumbersome.

Rin should be arriving from HobbySearch any day now ^_^
51 month agoKeruthixKeruthix
This totally needs a re-release Come on GSC!!
22 months ago (1 month ago)DandelionDandelion
If someone willing to buy from russian seller, here is the link. Around 40$ without shipping.
02 months ago (2 months ago)global_tornadoglobal_tornado
spicyhafu (5 months ago) #3417804If this thing doesn't get a rerelease I'll be really surprised. I'm actually pretty surprised it didn't get a rerelease with v2.0 of Rin.
It'll probably get rereleased with shirou 2.0. If not the price will skyrocket again.

When I bought one off of ebay for 70 bucks and change when I preordered Rin 2.0, I was kicking myself for having spent more on that figure than any other in my collection. Now it seems like I got a bargain.

I expect that it is more likely for Saber 2.0 to get a re-release with Shirou than for Archer. If he does by some chance I think I'll buy a 2nd copy, because some figures are just crazy popular.

Also, Archer was released just 5 months before Saber 2.0. There is no reason for a 2.0 of Archer because he was already made with their modern techniques. A rerelease with some bonus parts, or Shirou including some bonus parts for him might be more likely.
03 months agospicyhafuspicyhafu
Ghaoul (3 months ago) #4436780Oh, but this isn't for a re-release as much as it is for a new and improved Archer (who wouldn't want his adorable expression at the end of UBW?!)!
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding and perhaps I also didn't make it clear, but the messages I sent and recieved as seen in the spoiler-marked sections were all from a facebook message to the page :)

Oh sorry I misread it as another archer release and a figfix, instead of a new one. But I meant, instead of just messaging her directly, you should try to make a post that the community might get behind. Like instead of just saying what you would like, maybe make a collage or easy to read graphic that would get more likes.

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