Fate/Stay Night - Archer - Figma #223 (Max Facto...Fate/Stay Night - Archer - Figma #223 (Max Factory)


Fate/Stay Night - Archer - Figma #223 (Max Factory)





© Max Factory / Type Moon / Asai (APSY) Masaki

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1066 months ago (6 months ago)GaoGaiGarGaoGaiGar
I am the collector of my figures.
ABS is my body and melted plastic is my blood.
I have bought over sixty figmas.
Unknown to rising prices, nor known to lack of space
I withstood years of waiting to get figma Archer,
yet those hands will finally hold this figure.
So as I pre-order, unlimited figma works.

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03 days agoXKatanaXKatana
6,000 yen mandarake - (ext link)
06 days agoKingSabahKingSabah
tanaka (8 days ago) #2396314Dang..where can I get this for a good price?
I saw him on Manda for 6.5k last night. Price increase already happening...
08 days agotanakatanaka
Dang..where can I get this for a good price?
09 days ago (1 day ago)sichon1515sichon1515
Selling mine unopened for $50. PM me for info!
412 days agoMoroMoro
Since the new UBW anime just started airing I really wish MF would release a figma Tohsaka Rin 2.0 to go with Archer.
015 days ago (14 days ago)NepgearNepgear
Found him for 4k resealed on Manda... hope no one else got to him first.......... (maybe I should just pre-order like a non-loser ahahaha)

edit: Weh, he was sold out. Back to square one...
021 days agoEl_EvA_01El_EvA_01
Probably this is the figure I have waited the most for. Five long years since the first prototype... Finally arrived and I really liked it. Now Figma complete the other servants, please!
021 days agoKingSabahKingSabah
Had to drop my PO :( hopefully he pops up at a con or on Manda :)
022 days agoTenseiTwisterTenseiTwister Figure it Out
I did a video review of this guy, check it out!
(ext link)
025 days agoZoroZoldyckZoroZoldyck
Man, He's hot..

Shirou is too so Idk which to like the most now :/ waiting for the anime!

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