Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Murder~ - Ciel Phantomhive...Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Murder~ - Ciel Phantomhive (Aniplex)



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First reservations can be placed from November 7th, 2015 at 09:00 to December 25th, 2015 at 24:00.
Second round of pre-orders can be placed between the 15th January 2016 12:00JST to the 24th February 2016 24:00JST [ext link ]



© Aniplex / Square Enix / Iwanaga Sakurako / Toboso Yana

Interesting Comments

1302 years agoDbonn12Dbonn12
Let's take a moment of silence to realize Iwanaga Sakurako is the sculptor and this will probably be the best figure from Aniplex ever....
981 year agotoryyytoryyy
Details are great so far.
His head looks a little big and his face doesn't match the illustration.
Needs more disgust in his eye and eyebrow, like he thinks I'm a low-life, mouth breathing, pig.

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023 hours agoaye_know_hahaye_know_hah
Still waiting on TOM. I ordered him March 8 last year! But it will get here when it gets here, I guess. T_T
01 day agoInnocenceShiroInnocenceShiro
He's so pretty T_T I want him
01 day agoriringoriringo
Just FYI, but Aniplex Japan has shipped out replacement boxes for those who ordered direct!

It's arrived at my forwarding address, but I'm still unsure if I want to pay for it. :\
02 days agoAdrienAgresteAdrienAgreste
im being surprisingly patient but TOM is also a very trusted site and i keep forgetting anyway
04 days agozeldamaniac95zeldamaniac95
Also waiting for my Crunchyroll order. No shipping confirmation yet...
15 days ago (5 days ago)MykaMyka
Me waiting for my CR and TOM orders.

Order date: November 15, 2015.

Joking aside. It's been this long that I don't mind waiting as long as I get him.
25 days agousachibiusachibi
ordered from tokyo otaku mode. if i would have known it would have taken this long, i would have ordered from somewhere else :< still havent gotten a shipping confirmation!! please give me my son
09 days agoPhil_LizPhil_Liz
Got him today and he's absolutely perfect but thanks to NY I spent almost 30 minutes cleaning his box -_-
Great idea to tape the extra goods to his box, really! I mean, what could possibly go wrong?
010 days agoxuerenxueren
ipwnboyz (24 days ago) #19535784I got a reply from Aniplex today and it's pointless.
They will only ship replacement parts to Japan domestic addresses, so my best hope is through NY customer service.

I've asked NY about the replacement box back when he released but no replies. Guess I'll contact them again.
010 days agoMykaMyka
22,000 yen in Mandarake. Sold out, but linking page in case someone wants to set an alert.
[ext link ]

Can't believe his price went up so quickly. He was still available in some U.S stores when he released.

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