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© Bandai / Takeuchi Naoko

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01 year agopandorax249pandorax249
Selling set 1-3 75$
02 years agoEleanoraEleanora
Already sold out at HLJ? I did not even notice that is was up for per-order yet. >.<
02 years agostraywindstraywind
Darn. HLJ put this set up for pre-order in the last day or two and it's already out of stock. The first set had such limited stock that despite reopening pre-orders, HLJ wasn't able to fulfill additional orders (at least not until an upcoming April restock).

Not sure if it's even worth hoping they'll re-open pre-orders or if it's better to wait for the set to go up for sale on eBay. You don't get as many items through eBay, but you can usually get a full set for maybe $5-$10 more than HLJ's pre-order price. I'll have to keep an eye on HLJ anyway.


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