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Illustration card size: W=100mm(3.93) L=148mm(5.82)

Preorder period from 04/08/2015 - 04/19/2015

Further information:
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© Kyoto Animation / Ooji Kouji

Comments (7)

01 year agopantherlilyypantherlilyy
Selling the strap only, without the postcard. Please PM me for price and shipping quote :)

Selling Makoto's strap as well if anyone is interested~
02 years agokanjiaragakikanjiaragaki big ♥ & empty wallet
Surugaya - 2600JPY
02 years agoXKatanaXKatana
PM if selling please.
02 years agoKarumiKarumi Bishie Enthusiast
Looking to buy this if anyone has an extra or no longer wants their PO. I totally forgot about it and it was too late for me to get one. X__X
22 years ago (2 years ago)TheGirlOnFandomsTheGirlOnFandoms
Managed to buy the strap!
Still looking for the poster item #301610 .
Please PM me if you'll be selling.
12 years agoTinnicTinnic
xotai (2 years ago) #2877169pre-ordering the heck out of this right now, dear god this is so cute!

Me too! It was a bit pricy because of proxy and shipping but he's so cute! I couldn't resist!
32 years agoxotaixotai
pre-ordering the heck out of this right now, dear god this is so cute!


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