Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Mamiya (Taito)Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Mamiya (Taito)





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01 month agoorcellitoorcellito
I didn't know who Mamiya was before I got this statue in a grab bag, and I still have never played KanColle, but I think it's really cute.
02 months agoagcpicturesagcpictures
Selling along with other figures, brand new! No prices as I just received them so I am accepting offers (I will be checking going rates as offers are received). Cash/pickup at Anime Expo 2017 (6/30-7/4 in Los Angeles) preferred. Full list here!

Please PM or leave comment ON MY LIST. I am not monitoring this item's comments. Thanks!
04 months agoagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Selling! Message me with an offer.
05 months agodogs547895dogs547895
selling $8
check out my shop for other kantai figures ^_^
15 months agoGarouDensetsu55GarouDensetsu55
I actually do really like her, face and all. She's not perfect but she ain't THAT bad, jeez. Then again, I'm a fan of Mamiya and she has so few figs so far.
210 months agoFronzelFronzel
Can anyone add the height of this figure?
01 year agodogs547895dogs547895
dropped down to $13+shipping
pm or comment me for questions
meet ups available
01 year agodogs547895dogs547895
Selling for $15+shipping
01 year ago (1 year ago)takeshi1789takeshi1789
Selling mine new and sealed for $7.
sale #94977
01 year agojazzylinjazzylin
Dapooh (1 year ago) #6113353I was desapointed with this figure... when i make the preorder the image of this figure was different.. the pre-order sale was whit this image:
[ext link ]
I thought that I might have made a mistake and confused with another figure when I made the order but now I look in the web that prototype figure it does not exist, so TAITO changed the concept idea unannounced before, that makes me feel disappointed ...

I feel the same way, it was very disappointing that they changed the design to this. I honestly can hardly stand looking at her. I don't think I'll buy anymore Taito figures, because this and the Yamato one are lacking.

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