Trinity Blood - Abel Nightroad - 1/8 (Eye Scream...Trinity Blood - Abel Nightroad - 1/8 (Eye Scream)





© Eye Scream / Thores Shibamoto / Yamashita Tomoaki

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04 months agoGTOunetGTOunet
Selling mine, excellent state but damaged and some parts glued : 169.90 €.
PM me for more informations.
08 months agoagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
Would LOVE to buy him! If anyone would be willing to do a payment plan at the start of next year 91/2017) please PM me!
08 months ago (7 months ago)GTOunetGTOunet
011 months ago (7 months ago)GTOunetGTOunet
I think I will sell mine.
11 year agoGokanmaGokanma
I have this and also Esther. Both new and completely unopened. Amazing figures esp Abel. Can't bring myself to unpack him.
51 year ago (1 year ago)charlecharle
This is the only figure listed by Yamashita Tomoaki but I wonder what other figures they've made, and if they are currently still active/using another pen name. Because Abel is such a masterpiece. To me, he STILL is one of the best, if not the best, dynamic male figure to this date.
01 year ago (21 days ago)23tinywishes23tinywishes
Looking to buy him, please pm me with your price :) I am located in New Zealand.
21 year agoVemelaemVemelaem
Received him today, (second hand but in perfect condition) and am very pleased with it! He is even better than I thought and the details! OMG. The only figure you can actually fall in love with xD imho
01 year agoJoniVeraJoniVera
It's a really amazing (male) figure and very large. The original price + shipping was already rather high at the time of release.
Abel does have some issues though. The glue on the scythes will crack off and they will eventually detach. And the cross pendant is fragile and I've only seen it in-tact on a NIB piece.
It's definately a grail piece worth having, I hunted about five years for my copy. He showed up on AmiAmi pre-owned once at a great price, missed out. :/
A good copy shows up from time to time, just make sure you have the means to buy him asap.
01 year ago (1 year ago)VemelaemVemelaem
piruvy (1 year ago) #5848454:o might not be too terribly absurd with some figures and the right buyer~ (idk personally i can easily see this as a 400USD+ figure, 600USD seems reasonable even. That detail/size/rarity/age is worth a lot, especially considering people buy swimsuit figures with almost no detail for 300USD lmao. worse even with recent figures pricing with less detail/smaller sizing)
gosh this is a nice figure ;_;7 i wish it was cheap too but ah...

The figure is definitely worth it's price. It's very rare and there is just so much details going on. Though the price that guy on ebay is asking is rediculous. It's a starting price for bidding even plus he doesn't have the original packaging anymore as well. I have been following this guy for a while on ebay and the last few listings he had were for bidding (never sold it btw) the first two listings i saw from him were buy now listings. He asked more then 700 dollars just for the figure, excluding the shipping costs and import duties, you'd still had to pay for that as well. The total was more then a 1000 dollars. Way to much..

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