Bleach - Shihouin Yoruichi - BLEACH DX Girls Fig...Bleach - Shihouin Yoruichi - BLEACH DX Girls Figure 2 (Banpresto)




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01 year agoLowlanderLowlander
Selling mine.
Shipping worldwide.
I sell all my collection.
01 year agoKoneokoKoneoko
Looking to buy her! :3
03 years agoHomuHomuHomuHomu
I have her for trade, PM if interested ^^
03 years agoLadyStarstormLadyStarstorm
Glad I got the original before these got hard to find!! Just wish I'd had the foresight to grab Soi Fong before my local anime shop closed without warning... ;A;
05 years agoAnimeGurumaAnimeGuruma
I just realized that I have the bootleg of this...I got this one w/ soifon as a set for 15 bucks...
05 years agoPapercutPapercut
Oh man, I really want this TAT
05 years agoSlee24Slee24
I wish I could find her and Soifon for a decent price... :(
05 years agojiejiejiejie
YES means that bootlegs of this are out there somewhere and a user of this site spotted them (hover over the "yes" to find out who).
05 years agoNakanoNakano
Wait a minute... this ain't counterfeited. Does the YES mean that counterfeit versions exist?
07 years agoAshen-phoenixAshen-phoenix
I'm very new to this site. Could someone be so kind as to explain to me the "Sales alert" and how I might go about purchasing the figures on my Wishlist?

I can see the figures have listings of "Own me" below them with stores' linkes, respectively, but does Tsuki-board have a means by which their users can buy figures from them directly? Or am I misunderstanding this?


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