Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra - ...Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra - KOS-MOS - 1/6 - Swimwear Ver. (Alter)


Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra - KOS-MOS - 1/6 - Swimwear Ver. (Alter)




© Alter / Shitoo Futatsu

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04 months agooutlanderoutlander
Damn, too late... Added her on the cart and gone before i finish the order u_u

Reinier (4 months ago) #1842057I picked her up from HS's Bargain Bin for ¥5,280 + ¥1,580 shipping = ¥6,860
04 months agoReinierReinier
I picked her up from HS's Bargain Bin for ¥5,280 + ¥1,580 shipping = ¥6,860
05 months agoMoePinkuNekoMoePinkuNeko
Selling Her.

Feel free to PM me! :)

05 months agoArngrimArngrim
I finally have her, she's beautiful!
06 months agoHinaHina
Got mine today! From looking at pictures I liked the original skintone more, but she definitely looks much better in person than I thought she would! I am really pleased with her. I adore the gradient on her hair. It's beautiful.
06 months agoNasuraNasura
Received her today.
Very beautiful, worth money, really.
06 months agoBloosicaBloosica
Just grabbed her pre-owned from amiami. I love the look of her, but see that some people aren't happy with the skin color. Since I got it pre-owned I'm not sure which release I will get, but I hope she doesn't disappoint.
06 months agotheglitchytheglitchy
Why. Why change what was already perfect? T_T
07 months ago (7 months ago)creo_catcreo_cat Hentai Ouji-san
kettenkrad (7 months ago) #1721725I got mine today and upon closer inspection, I think the skin is too pale. I saw the comparison shots beforehand and thought that the resale's skin color is better than the initial resale. Turned out that it's too pale for my taste, especially the face part. Then again, I think the hair on the resale is way better than the initial release so I guess I'm gonna keep mine as is.

Sharing the same thoughts here: her face is noticeably brighter than the rest of her skin. Like her alot, anyway! ^_^
And she feels really huge in comparison to my other 1/6 girls (even though most of them sculpted in sitting position).
07 months ago (7 months ago)tiradicaltiradical
I was marveling at how beautiful the figure was until I noticed a bubble about 1 cm long running through one of the strands of her hair. It's not noticeable, but now I'm sort of wishing it was a made from a less transparent plastic :(

Edit: Does anyone know where the other dagger is supposed to go? Nevermind! In her hands?

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