Fate/Stay Night - Saber - 1/8 - Armor Version (G...Fate/Stay Night - Saber - 1/8 - Armor Version (Gift)


Fate/Stay Night - Saber - 1/8 - Armor Version (Gift)


Comes with alternate anime-style head



© Gift / Type Moon / Toda Satoshi

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22 months agoV_RedgraveV_Redgrave
Got her today, she's truly beautiful despite not tall as GSC Saber and like for every Toda's Saber I love the style/sculpt <3
Now only Saber Lily missing to complete my Toda's Saber collection :3
04 months agoRieszRiesz
Ordered her from Amiami preowned, B/B for 4620 JPY. I'll post a review of her condition and B/B Gift Saber Lily when they arrive. ^ ^
07 months agorouenjoycerouenjoyce
coraleaterlinda (8 months ago) #1638120I've got Gift's Saber Extra and Lily, and now I need this too!

wow!=) Great choice of collection =)
08 months agocoraleaterlindacoraleaterlinda
I've got Gift's Saber Extra and Lily, and now I need this too!
09 months ago (9 months ago)pianokidpianokid
Just got her from AmiAmi today for 6980 yen, Item A/Box B! She'll be in my collection with Saber Lily, woo~
01 year agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
AmiAmi: (ext link) there's a whole heap of them.
01 year agorowbuttsrowbutts
I just want this figure why don't I own it holy shit.
01 year agoSztikeSztike
6250 JPY (ext link)
01 year agoSoliloquySoliloquy Bansky Bro
I want this so bad
01 year agoWindsorSevenWindsorSeven
Really? That's quite the interesting bit of information.

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