Pocket Monsters - N - Reshiram - Nendoroid #537 ...Pocket Monsters - N - Reshiram - Nendoroid #537 (Good Smile Company, Pokémon Center)



  • Limited + Exclusive
    Pokemon Center, A...
    ¥5,000 convert into USD
Preorders will be accepted from July 25, 2015, to August 31, 2015.

Additional orders can be placed via Good Smile Online Shop between the 28th July 2015 (Tue) from 12:00JST until the 26th August 2015 (Wed) at 21:00JST.
Those orders are Available for shipment to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand only.



© Creatures Inc. / Game Freak / Good Smile Company / Nintendo / Pokémon Center / Kima / Nendoron / Shichi...

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1101 year ago (1 year ago)Dbonn12Dbonn12
View spoilerHide spoilerSeriously though, my next prediction has to be either Gary, Wallace, or Steven. Not because they are champions, but because they are fairly popular and I love them all!!
I think my unrealistic wish would be a Sabrina or Lance Nendoroid.
901 year ago (1 year ago)neLneL on ice
I'm gonna post this as an FYI for everyone.

Like the other Pokemon nendoroids, he is a Pokemon Center and Amazon.co.jp exclusive! This means you can only get him through pre-ordering from those sites, but if you're not in Japan , you'll need a proxy or forwarding service!

-For those in the USA/North America; There is a high chance he'll be given a limited USA release like Red, but don't quote me on this since we're still waiting to see if Cynthia gets one. If he does get this treatment, it won't be for a few months after his initial release but it'll be way cheaper if you're willing to wait. It won't be difficult, but don't wait too long to order him!

-For those in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand; you'll probably get to order directly from GSC's online store like you could for Cynthia's nendoroid

-For everyone else; you'll need to proxy or forward him.. have fun with that

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02 days agoArakuneSoupArakuneSoup
selling mine [ext link ]
013 days agoTychoRCTychoRC
rmf13 (16 days ago) #18932740uh does his hat come off? I need to know for reasons.No, it doesn't.
013 days agoRickFalconRickFalcon
Surugaya has him for 4000 yen right now
016 days agormf13rmf13
uh does his hat come off? I need to know for reasons.
029 days ago (8 days ago)WayfarerWayfarer
Wayfarer (2 months ago) #17357925selling $40 usd + shipping, like new, complete
Pm if interested
01 month agomoonstarfcmoonstarfc
Seiki (1 month ago) #18518445[ext link ]
He's still available at the US Pokemon Center.

Thanks for the heads up, I decided to pick him up and add a small item to the order to get free shipping.
01 month agoMiaekaMiaeka
Seiki (1 month ago) #18518445[ext link ]
He's still available at the US Pokemon Center.

"Free shipping on orders over 50$!" *costs 49.99$*
Thanks a ton though lmao (I'm not prepared to spend that much which is like 70$ in Canadian currency)
01 month agoSeikiSeiki
Miaeka (1 month ago) #181959002nd release pls ,_,

[ext link ]

He's still available at the US Pokemon Center.
01 month agoCh3rrychiCh3rrychi
Ch3rrychi (3 months ago) #16828445Selling the Japanese version - new
EU only, Germany preferred.

Still selling! Shipping inside the EU :3
01 month agothorkastthorkast
I'm selling mine opened, not used out of the box,
box good condition by 60€

shipping to Europe: 9,8
shipping to Spain: 4,85
face to face in Madrid: free

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