Touken Ranbu - Online - Gokotai - 1/8 (Orange Ro...Touken Ranbu - Online - Gokotai - 1/8 (Orange Rouge)



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- Gokotai Sword Charm picture #1589852

Orders via Good Smile Online Shop can be placed between the 29th July 2016 (Fri) from 12:00JST until the 24th August 2016 (Wed) at 21:00JST.



© / Nitroplus / Orange Rouge / Akimoto Hajime / Iwanaga Sakurako

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4210 months agoVioMarinerVioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
Now I wish they'd make a Kiwame Vers. Scale... but I'd probably end up paying a lot mostly for the huge tiger.
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401 year agoriringoriringo
Iwanaga Sakurako to make Gokotai is a genius move. He's exactly the kind of sickly looking shota/loli she's best at. xD

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Available for pre-order @ Plamoya (MFC Partner)
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04 days agoNinomaNinoma
Available for pre-order @ Ninoma (¥13,836)
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018 days agoSunildattSunildatt Minatsuki Takami <3
SkyBlue (18 days ago) #18760306I highly doubt Gokotai and Ookurikara can be released in the same month... question is who will be delayed? >.>
Gokotai's release date was set back a lot further compared to the rest of the sword boys after his pre order opening. I hope that will help avoid delays.
118 days agoSkyBlueSkyBlue
I highly doubt Gokotai and Ookurikara can be released in the same month... question is who will be delayed? >.>
127 days agopalomiscapalomisca
looking for someone to take my amiami preorder off me... ive over stretched my budget ^___^;; please message me if interested!! thank you~
01 month agoAnime-IslandAnime-Island
Available for pre-order @ Anime-Island
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03 months agoevilcat005evilcat005
Available for pre-order @ Lunar Toy Store
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03 months agoCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
I know it's early, but I'm looking for someone to take my Amiami preorder since I know I won't have the funds needed for him. Please PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
63 months agoIchigoMilkuIchigoMilku
Cute noodle legs :)
03 months agoAdrienAgresteAdrienAgreste
midoakira (3 months ago) #16334734Ugh, I really, really want to love this figure. He's super adorable and the type of character I like, but it's the legs that look odd to me. I know the illustration looks that way and everything, but idk :(
i felt that way at first but i grew to love it xD maybe in time you will too :D

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