Touken Ranbu - Online - Gokotai - 1/8 (Orange Ro...Touken Ranbu - Online - Gokotai - 1/8 (Orange Rouge)

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- Gokotai Sword Charm picture #1589852

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© / Nitroplus / Orange Rouge / Akimoto Hajime / Iwanaga Sakurako

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461 year agoVioMarinerVioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
Now I wish they'd make a Kiwame Vers. Scale... but I'd probably end up paying a lot mostly for the huge tiger.
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411 year agoriringoriringo
Iwanaga Sakurako to make Gokotai is a genius move. He's exactly the kind of sickly looking shota/loli she's best at. xD

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022 hours agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
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01 day agoNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma
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014 days ago (10 days ago)KyoyaKyoya memento mori.
;^; still waiting mine </3

Got him *u*) !!! so cute!!
025 days agomeganeboymeganeboy
he arrived and he's gorgeous! his hair sculpt is particulary amazing
025 days agoVamppyVamppy
Beautiful figure and a must-have for all TR fans. XDDDD
SkyBlue (1 month ago) #21494890I uploaded some but please excuse my potato quality pictures :P

21 month agobomhatbomhat because I'm batman
wow he came out nice! can someone upload a size comparison pic with some other 1/8s ?
11 month agomurdochmurdoch
SkyBlue (1 month ago) #21494890I uploaded some but please excuse my potato quality pictures :P
Thank you so much!!! I was getting a tad antsy about the quality, View spoilerHide spoilerespecially after how fucky Tsurumaru turned out.
I'm relieved to see that he looks pretty darn good! His face looks adorable <3
01 month agoharobakoharobako
if anything this is my fav tourabu scale so far...hes just so adorable..and the tigers ahgsdgdgs TTTT i need him

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