Bishoujo Mangekyou - Alice (Rocket Boy)Bishoujo Mangekyou - Alice (Rocket Boy)


Orders are scheduled to open on May 2017



© Rocket Boy / Happoubi Jin

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01 hour agojwan1996jwan1996
She looks fine to me! I'm getting her
13 hours agomeibmeib
Elixir (12 hours ago) #20296434Looks like a prize figure.

Dont know what kind of prize figure you own but can I get some?
04 hours agoazusamukamiazusamukami
And I was looking forward to her too.... now i dont know....
112 hours agoElixirElixir
Looks like a prize figure.
014 hours agoGoldenDarknessGoldenDarkness
Pridy (15 hours ago) #20287030Waiting for approximatly one year for this...
I really wanted her since she got her proto but now, I think I will pass...

I'm a bit disappointed as well(face, paint)...
But I'm waiting for official pictures(+ cast-off option) and price(she's big)...
Release date maybe for october or november.
115 hours ago (15 hours ago)PridyPridy
Waiting for approximatly one year for this...
Disappointed, the proto was really good !
But now the mouth is so awkward, eyes look so dead, not a speck of life... Not even saying the colorisation of her hair, eyes...
I really wanted her since she got her proto but now, I think I will pass...
017 hours agoRhythRhyth
Damn this year has revitalized my interests again in these figures. Here's hoping to a modest price!
117 hours agogrizzengrizzen
Having hope that more high quality images will make the face seem better, right now not the mouth looks odd.
019 hours ago (19 hours ago)misssi79misssi79
I'm having a love hate with her lips and I hope theres a little bit more blush, I think a little blush would go a long way
019 hours agomisssi79misssi79
Axelsaurus (19 hours ago) #20276841She's coloured!
[ext link ]

Thanks for sharing :)

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