Bungaku Shoujo - Amano Tooko - Nendoroid - 118 (...Bungaku Shoujo - Amano Tooko - Nendoroid - 118 (Good Smile Company)


Bungaku Shoujo - Amano Tooko - Nendoroid - 118 (Good Smile Company)





© Good Smile Company / Udono Kazuyoshi

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07 days agoXKatanaXKatana
2,000 yen mandarake - (ext link)
010 days agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥4,086)
Sold out everywhere else? Still available at Solaris Japan!
#2508521 // Sponsored by Solaris Jap...
019 days agoAdyathAdyath
Selling mine sale #63194
024 days agoM-LinfaM-Linfa
where did the fish face come from ? I don’t remember seing it in either the anime or the movie
03 months ago (7 days ago)XKatanaXKatana
2,000 yen Mandarake - (ext link)
05 months agoAsceAsce
Officially my favorite nendo! Even though she was B/C she and the box were still in perfect condition. The only thing is that because Amano is an old nendo she had some of that sticky residue on her. Nothing a little water, soap, and 24 hours of soaking won't fix. She is absolutely adorable, best $18 ever spent! :3
05 months agoSztikeSztike
2100 JPY (ext link)
05 months agoAsceAsce
Just ordered her b/c off ami preowned. I usually only buy a/b but the price was too tempting. I just hope she's still in good condition.
06 months agoBranGorBranGor
Selling her in perfect condition. Sealed box.

PM for details ^^
06 months agoKikiOttosenKikiOttosen
Selling her parts (mfc link)

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