X-Men - White Phoenix - Bishoujo Statue - Marvel...X-Men - White Phoenix - Bishoujo Statue - Marvel x Bishoujo - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)



  • Limited + Exclusive
    ¥6,200 convert into USD
SDCC July 2010 exclusive. Limited to 500 pieces



© Kotobukiya / Matsumoto Kouei / Yamashita Shunya

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01 month agostormkoopacv03stormkoopacv03
Still selling and taking offers w/ free shipping within the US. PM if you're interested or have any questions. :)
03 months ago (3 months ago)stormkoopacv03stormkoopacv03
I'm considering selling mines brand new and sealed. It is an excellent limited edition figure and quite rare. I'm open to shipping international as well. PM if you're interested. :)

I'm open to offers as well, but I'm not doing trading atm.
04 months agoExodus0507Exodus0507
One of the Phoenix's I should have acquired at the same time as when I got the Dark Phoenix, back then I think I could have acquired her for MSRP. If anyone is selling her in any condition please let me know.
27 months agoTenmashiTenmashi #TeamLitten
Not mine, but I saw her and Black Widow in a set on eBay: [ext link ]
28 months ago (3 months ago)stormkoopacv03stormkoopacv03
09 months agoigotcha77igotcha77
So beautiful, so expensive... *walking away with tears down my face*
01 year agomaterix01materix01 Lv. 10 Dictator
I really like the colors on this. I have the Dark Phoenix which has a nice base but I'm not a ban of metallic colors.
01 year agoMatrawMatraw
Looking to buy this figure, PM please, thanks.
01 year agojpepepojpepepo
Selling mine for 720.00 brand new sealed. Box in great condition.
Send me a PM if interested...
02 years ago (2 years ago)jy90274jy90274
lol... I see.

Anyway, that 'stupid ass' dropped his asking price to $650. Still too high imo, although another sold as a "Best Offer" for under $950 (price undetermined). These babies are getting EXPENSIVE!

Happily for me, I scored one for $335 (sealed, free shipping) and another for $238 (no box, $30 shipping from the UK) - the boxless one is for display and the other a MISB collector's item. The only way I'd probably let these go is if I have to eat or keep a roof over my head. :D I think the Dark Phoenix is equally (if not slightly more) beautiful, but the exclusivity of this statue just puts it in a category all by itself. These Phoenix bishoujos are just... exquisite!

machinman (2 years ago) #2288668I was not referring to the price, I saw that 2000$ asshole on ebay, what a jerk. "I don't want to sell it, so I post it on ebay for an irrational price yada yada yada" that's a stupid ass.
I was refering to the fact the OP was saying it was an emergency, and yet it was impossible to negociate, what a stupid thing to say to begin with, isn't it ?
if you need the money, you're already asking for someone to come and kill the price you're trying to sell it for ;p

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