Cocona - 1/7 (Movic)Cocona - 1/7 (Movic)


Cocona - 1/7 (Movic)





© Movic / Ishida Eiichi / Yamashita Shunya

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07 months agoFigureDuchessFigureDuchess
I'll use this comment section to shamelessly advertise my first figure review :D
hope that's okay
For anyone who's interested, you can read it here :)
(ext link)
09 months agoKimyu1986Kimyu1986
figure are beautiful but i dont like the base. the is very big.
09 months agoKimyu1986Kimyu1986
i ordered this figure now. I hope that it will be worth it. I hope it is just as emaretta-chan.
010 months agodunfordkdunfordk
Wow what happened to Movic? This is better than any of their newer release figures. Such a shame to see a company fall in quality that much.
01 year agoWinChanWinChan
Excellent figure! It should be noted her chest is softer than the other parts. Not necessarily squishy, but it is noticeable.
01 year agoSztikeSztike
Mbt: 8565 JPY (ext link)
02 years ago (1 year ago)cioudrunnerfiutecioudrunnerfiute Found Holy Grail & Quit
This is a great figure.
03 years agoVegaKurtsaVegaKurtsa
Going to comment seeing recent ones pop up.

She's an amazing figure, the detail is amazing, and I've had her for a few years now. Definitely my favorite figure of all that I plan to keep always.
03 years agoSuokunSuokun
She's one of my favorites too. ^_^
03 years agoShadowstitchShadowstitch
I love her, I just never bothered to offer up a pointless comment...


Cocona is my favorite Shunya figure, and likely my favorite figure of all time. If I had to get rid of every single PVC I owned save one, this would be the one I kept. No question.

I'd get the alt color as well, but she's permanently topless, so I dunno about all that.

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