Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series) - ...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 TV series) - Leonardo - S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)



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Orders can be placed at Tamashii Webshop between the 12th February 2016 from 16:00JST until the 23th May 2016 at 23:00JST.



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01 year agokirinhobbykirinhobby
Buy now @ Kirin Hobby - $52.95 (Early Bird)
FREE SHIPPING! available with minimum purchase.
01 year agocyborgcatcyborgcat
PickyCollector (1 year ago) #6615145This has inspired me to start making a studio quality cover of the cartoon theme song.
I got the MIDI skills. Now all I need to do is find at least 4 confident singers.
Looks like I got a lot of work ahead of me. :3
Hi, Do you have youtube channel or something?
01 year agoAnime-IslandAnime-Island
Available for pre-order @ Anime-Island
*Earn Island Rewards points on all purchases! See following link for details: [ext link ]
Earn Island Rewards on this item!! 20% Deposit on all pre-orders!!
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21 year agoGoldenDarknessGoldenDarkness
cyborgcat (1 year ago) #6565233Pues tampoco se mucho, si eso en grupos de 4 Jaja
Bueno yo creo que su precio esta entre 60 y 65$, es muy costoso para una figura, peor aun los 4...
Pero yo llevo coleccionando esta linea(S.H.F) varios años....
Y muchos valen su precio, especialmente cuando su precio es sumamente elevado al transcurrir años de su lanzamiento oficial...
01 year agoGoldenDarknessGoldenDarkness
DAMN Why Leo and Donny are exclusives and with that high price...
Really hurts...
In most japanese stores you need to pay in advance( Until August, it's a long time)

If you want a good store and pay when the item is in their stock, maybe you need to try BBTS
[ext link ]

It's a good way if you want S.H.F Tamashii Web exclusives(DBZ, Naruto, and more)
01 year agocyborgcatcyborgcat
baldvr (1 year ago) #6544251Hay que mirarlo wai otro! :D
01 year agoromeviromevi
And here I thought I was done with figures...
01 year ago (1 year ago)nuriko12nuriko12
think crunchyroll will be getting these? so far only on BIG and its a whopping 8000 yen for a SH!
01 year agorapidorapido
Brings back the childhood in me... it's Leo I use to remember...

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