.hack//I.M.O.Q. - BlackRose - HGIF - HGIF Series....hack//I.M.O.Q. - BlackRose - HGIF - HGIF Series .hack//vol.2 - Repaint (Bandai)


.hack//I.M.O.Q. - BlackRose - HGIF - HGIF Series .hack//vol.2 - Repaint (Bandai)


.hack//vol. 2 gashapon is known as Maxi Collection in Europe and the latter has Silver Variants.



© Bandai

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08 months agotsunamiumitsunamiumi
I got this figure in its original capsule. The sword was bent to fit in the capsule and even this many years later, is still warped. The figure constantly falls over as well, even with the clear plastic "base" that she comes with that fits around her foot. Because of these things, not really the best figure ever...
02 years agoAshli-chanAshli-chan
Do want.


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